Three Minutes and Fourteen Seconds:A Musical Tribute to Pi Day

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Mykl Roventine

As you probably already know, today is Pi Day, meaning March fourteenth is the closest we come on the American calendar to approximating 3.1415926&c. (Technically you should have been reading this at around 3:30 in the morning for maximum pi-precision, but like us you were probably asleep, drunk, or otherwise indisposed.)

We've already brought you this year's Pi Day anthem, as arranged and performed by Michael John Blake, but we'd be remiss if we didn't continue the celebration with a selection of songs that pay unwitting -- or super-secret -- tribute to the ratio of circumference to diameter on every circle ever. Below, test the hypothesis that 3:14 is the Platonic ideal of pop-song length. Although if you're looking for Don McLean's "American Pi" or the Beatles' "Lucy in the Pi with Pi-amonds," don't bother.

Got more? Of course you do: it's a standard pop song length. Tell us in the comments section what we're missing. (Note that, due to whatever discrepancy, many songs differ in length by a few seconds between their MP3 and YouTube video formats; it would have been great to be able to include Big Boi's "Royal Flush" or Superchunk's "My Gap Feels Weird" or MC Solaar's "Bouge de là" -- not to mention the radio edit of John Cage's "4'33" -- but no such luck.)

Bonus: this old ditty, from the fearless request-taker behind Songs To Wear Pants To, called "I Am The First Fifty Digits of Pi."


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