This Just In: The U.S. House of Representatives Hates NPR

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National Public Radio is good. Very good. They entertain us with such shows as This American Life, inform us with Morning Edition, and drop some musical knowledge on All Songs Considered. But the United States House of Representatives doesn't feel the same way: today it voted to cut off government funding for the non-profit radio organization.

According to Billboard, House Democrats have accused the Republicans of targeting NPR because of its "liberal bias," which was compounded by the station's firing of Juan Williams over some foul remarks made about Muslims (outrageous!) and an off-the-record video of NPR CEO Vivian Schiller criticizing the Tea Party Movement (gasp!).

Thankfully, the bill still has to pass through the Senate and the President's desk, and both the Senate and the President oppose the bill. And truth be told, this won't make much of a dent in NPR's operations: government funding is only about 2% of its annual revenue. Still, it's a pretty shitty gesture towards a news organization that does its job much better than most. Have you turned on CNN lately?


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United States House of Representatives and the wink tank "ilk" are frustrated because all the money is gone so they have to take it out on someone. No more winking the money is gone gone gone ...The sorely proud must punish the poorly endowed...the old pecking order at its is what it is and either way the republicans lose because the money is gone the money is gone.....


Many 'call in viewers' on C-Span's Washington Journal , Tuesday , who identified as Republican and were in favour of the bill to cut funding , would preface the comment with statements like "Don't get me wrong , I like Big Bird." , and so on. Big Bird and Sesame Street are PBS , not NPR ! but the show's host , in order to maintain the program's legendary neutrality , didn't ask the 'Tea Party' caller when did he/she listened to Big Bird on NPR...or even Click 'n Clack.

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