The Marin Institute Doesn't Want Snoop Dogg Selling You Alcoholic Beverages

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If Snoop Dogg does it, it's gotta be healthy. Right?
Kids, your favorite weed proponent, Snoop Dogg, has moved on: Now the Doggfather is shilling for newfangled caffeinated alco-pop beverage Blast, which is owned by the Pabst Blue Ribbon company. We all know you mindless little monsters like to get faded strictly according to the guidelines of your most beloved hip-hop stars. And that is why the alcohol watchdogs over at the Marin Institute are so concerned.

"The object is to get hammered -- and fast," said Michael Scippa, spokesman for the Institute, which has an online petition to get Blast pulled from shelves before it even arrives. "It encourages binge drinking and that's why it's such a threat."

Apparently, the Marin Institute finds the potential of this new, sugar-addled booze-ade disturbing -- partly because it's so cheap that even poor ghetto youths can afford it. (Note: They can apparently afford gin and juice, too.) The institute is even latching on to legislation seeking to ban alco-pop drinks with caffeine in California. But mainly, it's trying to get Snoop dumped as the pitchman for the new brew, and to keep the stuff off store shelves.

Check out the full story over on our news blog, the Snitch. And tell us below in the comments what you think.

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