Salva Debuts XLR8R Podcast, Fisticuffs Video, Sun Ra Video Remix

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We've all been on bad dates, but this one is pretty twisted.

That's the new hotness from local DJ, producer, and house music magnate Salva -- it has nothing to do with the Clipse song of the same name, but we'd argue it's equally disturbing. Probably more so, in fact.

In addition to conjuring hellish visions of romantic brinksmanship, Salva has been busy: running the esteemed Frite Nite syndicate, compiling a podcast for XLR8R featuring all manner of All Shook Down favorites, and lending his track "Weeeird Science" to "future-video-turntablist" Dr. Plot for a cutup of the Sun Ra's junglefeversploitation flick Space is the Place, below.

Damn, Salva. When do you sleep?

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