Lil B Swags Kanye, Kanye-Style, at the mtvU Woodie Awards

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While we wait for someone to upload a higher-quality video than the below (it ain't no fun when Viacom ain't having none), be advised of the following Lil B-related news: last night at the mtvU Woodie Awards, held in Austin -- because God forbid we should try to post about anything other than Lil B and SXSW -- Based God was beat out for a Left Field Woodie, along with Das Racist and Die Antwoord and Yelawolf, by an obscure midwestern rapper named Kanye West. Oh, well, Lil B! Can't win 'em all! Guess you'll just have to brush yourself off and tr -- wait, what?


In case you can't see what's going on, that's The Pack member Stunnaman doing to Kanye just what Kanye did to Taylor Swift back in 2009. Of course Kanye wasn't there, so it was Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz who didn't get to finish, which doesn't really make much sense, but still: what goes around comes around, Yeezy. Take that!

Perhaps you would prefer to watch the same footage, but sideways?

(Surely this "EXTREMELY RARE" footage was uploaded by an aficionado of Based God's "EXTREMELY RARE" mixtapes.)

Anyway, maybe this is what Lil B meant when he threatened to rape Kanye last October. A little abstract, yes, but if Lil B has proven anything to us in recent months, it's that we have literally no idea what Lil B is capable of.

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