Help Odd Future's Tyler the Creator Find the Woman He Wants to Marry

Tweeted by Tyler
You know what Frank said about Saturday night being the loneliest night of the week? Well, it's true even for famous rappers. Observe the Twitter feed of one Tyler Haley, aka Tyler the Creator, figurehead of the notorious L.A. rap collective Odd Future, circa midnight PST on Saturday: Over a series of messages, the 20-year-old tells of his search for Mya, a fashion student whom he met in a Starbucks in New York City (see above). Though apparently lovestruck, it seems Mr. Odd Future has so far failed to reconnect with the object of his affection. Which is too bad --- because, as Tyler informed his roughly 92,000 Twitter followers, he wishes to marry this person. So enraptured is Tyler that he says he even will allow Mya to "Hot Carl" him. (NSFW definition here.) Awwwwwww. Yes, this is love in the Twitter age, folks, and like Odd Future's music, it's blunt and creepy and yet kinda touching at the same time:

Back In October I Met The Girl i Want To Marry. Still Havent Found Her.less than a minute ago via web I Made This In Hopes Of Finding Her. Still no Luck =(less than a minute ago via web

My Dumbass Didn;t Have The Flash On When i Took The Photo. Because I'm An Assclown Loser Face.less than a minute ago via web

Niggas Was on Facebook For Days Lurkingless than a minute ago via web

She Mixed. Fuck, I Gotta Find Her.less than a minute ago via web

The Things I Would Let Her Do To Me. I Would Allow Her To Hot Carl Me. No Question, Get Right Into It.less than a minute ago via web

I'm Actually Lurking Facebook Right Now.less than a minute ago via web

I'm Gonna Find This Bitch.less than a minute ago via web

Say it again with us now: Awwwwwwwwwww. Tyler, we wish you luck in your amorous endeavors. Even that, uh, Hot Carl thing.

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