Dom, Heavy Hawaii, Melted Toys Have 'Em Peeling It off at Rickshaw Stop

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Romana Machado

Dom, Heavy Hawaii, Melted Toys
March 30, 2011
@ Rickshaw Stop

Better than: The next thing Simon Cowell squeals over.

Whatever the zinc-eared Mr. Cowell would make of last night's triple bill at the Rickshaw Stop must thankfully remain unknowable. It's a cinch you'll never see this kind of hullaballoo on his upcoming hype-o-rama X Factor, as three bands of divergent styles slugged it out in a manner more reminiscent of some 1960s Eastmancolor sockhop from A.I.P. than the latest televised cattle call. The audience won, naturally.

Romana Machado
Melted Toys
Melted Toys didn't so much take the stage as fade onto it, unobtrusively plugging in and leaning into its heavy lidded pavement psych almost before anyone noticed. This set was shoegaze in the most literal sense, as the guitarists stole many a long glance downward while offloading sheets of dense chime reminiscent of Swervedriver stuck in second gear or Ride with one foot in the stirrup. A couple of hopefuls up front swayed a little, but soon gave it up and everyone stood around looking serious until the set ended and an appreciative whoop went up.

Romana Machado
Heavy Hawaii
Heavy Hawaii didn't dally in making themselves heard from. These doe-eyed kidlets claim San Diego as home on their MySpace page, and they're the first band I ever heard capture any part of that city's sunny avant-goofiness. There's something delightfully Jellyfishy in their melodic knack, and mainman Matt Bahamas goes heavy on the winsome. A beefy guy in front of me bellowed "I want to have your baby!" as things loosened into a cheery rough-house while the flapping flamingoes screening behind the band added a nicely surreal touch. "What movie do you think this is?" demanded Matt, and my own shouted guess of The Bad News Bears Go Dingo sounded as plausible as any.

Romana Machado
The headliners were out in under a quarter hour, and the audience had swelled by then to close to a hundred. Out of Worcester, Massachusetts, Dom are critic's darlings, coasting on the buzz of their debut EP Sun Bronzed Greek Gods, and this set saw them throw down like their celebrated homies in J. Geils Band, determined to give this dense pack of scenesters the works. It was all hustle and slam from the first, as shaggy Dominic and company made the crowd dance convulsively. The ambient temperature rose to sweatbox levels quickly enough, and layers of clothing began to peel and fling to manically energetic, witty pop rock as hooky as the soundtrack to a year's worth of car commercials. Prince's "Little Red Corvette" was covered, and the band dealt its beefy anthem "Living in America." It was all over well before midnight, but no one looked disappointed.

Overheard: Blonde girl to door guy: "I brought my banana as potassium
for tomorrow's hangover."

House special: The Big Dickel, which is GD, ginger ale, and bitters.

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Rickshaw Stop

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First off, the band is 'Dom' not 'DOM'. Second, there were more than 200 people there. Thirdly, Dom played for over an hour. wahhhhhh

Romana Machado
Romana Machado

The Rickshaw Stop has a capacity of 127, which is clearly posted on a sign on the wall in the club. I noted that the club was near, but not over, capacity - that "close to a hundred" number is correct.


while there is that sign posted by the door that says 127 it is interestingly enough inaccurate. the capacity of Rickshaw is 350. for whatever reason that sign does not factor in the additional rooms that make Rickshaw just slightly bigger than Bottom of the Hill. just to give you a comparison, at our show last night there was 114 paid, which doesn't include those guest listed by the bands and friends of the venue. I wouldn't have known this stuff except when you book shows at places the person in charge tells you what the sell-able capacity is :)

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