Charlie Sheen, +Verb's 'I Was Banging 7 Gram Rox' Is a Tribute To Your Insanity

"I will murder you violently."
Now this is what we have the Internet for, people. Yeah, we could share scientific research, form closer bonds with diverse peoples across the world, and even play Scrabble with our cousins in the midwest. But the most fun use of the 'tubes is meme-ification -- musical meme-ification being the best kind, of course. So please forgive us for spreading this irresistible electro-bass tribute to Charlie Sheen from producer +verb (pronounced 'adverb'; real name Dominic Tetmyer). Its airplane-crashing low frequencies underpin highlights of the Sheen spiel, most indelibly that line about "seven-gram rocks," from whence comes its title. So yeah, you probably want to hear this. 

We just hope you find this less addictive than Sheen apparently found those rocks.

I Was Banging 7 Gram Rox (CS Tribute) by +verb

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