The Flaming Lips Release a New Song -- and You Need 12 Smartphones to Properly Enjoy It

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On a day when pretty much every musician had some special release lined up for V-day, The Flaming Lips made sure to distinguish themselves by nerding out pretty hard. They released a new song titled "Two Blobs Fucking," and while the title stands out on it's own, how you listen to it is even more interesting. You see, the Lips shattered the track into 12 different YouTube videos -- and it's intended to be played on 12 separate smartphones.

According to Wired, the combined song begins with "a brain-bending, spastic electronic intro that melts into one of the band's patented spacey grooves," and apparently tells the tale of a construction foreman living in the future. Um, OK? But it is a Flaming Lips track we're talking about, so I guess I should expect such weirdness by now.

Each video has it's own bright visualization, intended to be an interpretation of the sounds presented. But what's arguably even better is that frontman Wayne Coyne and guitarist Steve Drozd walk you through the song's setup process on video.

Unfortunately, I don't have 12 smartphones (or friends for that matter) at my disposal to hear this properly (only have 8 of each, sorry!), but each video is pretty fun to watch on its own, full of strange, dissonant noises and vocal tracks. All the videos are up on the Flaming Lips' YouTube channel if you're intrepid enough to attempt this feat. In the meantime, check out the third layer of the song, which is my personal favorite.

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