The Car Cassette Player Is Dead; Long Live the Car Cassette Player

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We'll miss that narrow, noisy slot.
Word broke recently that audio cassette players in cars are no more. The format, which reached its peak in the '80s, made its final appearance in 2010 Lexus models. Considering that CDs themselves are increasingly viewed as obsolete, this news regarding tape decks comes as no huge shock. But I shared some good memories with cassettes while riding in cars, and I'm sure you did too (unless you're, like, 12).

Popping my Thriller cassette into mom's car stereo when I was 5? Great times. In the early '90s, I was really impressed when people could pull out their entire tape deck from their car dash, as a precaution against break-ins. When I moved on to CDs in the mid-'90s, but my parent's car stereo hadn't, I used a tape adapter to connect my Discman and listen to Green Day. Awesome. Ditto for my first car when I was in high school, except by then, I was listening to The Roots or Deltron 3030 or something. These days, when I'm in someone's else's car with a tape deck and we want to listen to selections from an iPod, that same cassette adapter still comes in handy.

Sure, we'll still cross paths with the cassette deck from time to time, but those encounters will be increasingly few and far between. Car cassette player, we knew ye well, and we'll miss you.

[via The Daily Swarm]

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Next what Mp3 players would be dead? Reason, overpriced. You can retain you tape player or CD player and just a cell phone would do. Or for $5, have an FM transmitter which connects to cell phone, USB, SD card etc. Obviously the "hi tech" Mp3 in todays car are way over priced. As far as the word "obsolete" is concerned, car cassette players are definitely easily available online though Amazon, Ebay etc.

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