Quickly Now: Atmosphere & Aesop Rock Tickets for Pre-Sale This Morning

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And for as long as I breathe I'll save a seat in my memory for that rapper with the tattooed arms which are unfortunately covered with sleeves right now

Esteemed prolix rapper, bat enthusiast, and Bay Area adoptee Aesop Rock is gearing up for some wildness at his Noise Pop show next Friday at the Great American Music Hall. "been speaking to some talented friends about trying to make this Feb 25th SF show even wackier," he tweeted just last night. "They are not musicians. we shall see....."

While you speculate as to the vocation of Mr. Rock's talented friends--unicyclists? mimes? trapeze-sommeliers?--you should probably also get yourself psyched for an even bigger indie hip-hop event coming this May when Atmosphere rolls through Berkeley for the most epic date on their month-long tour in support of The Family Sign, to drop in April.

Joining the party at Berkeley's Greek Theatre on May 7th are Rhymesayers stalwart DJ Abilities, Ohio battle rapper Blueprint -- whom you might know from his Soul Position collab with Rjd2, or perhaps for his generally lackluster solo albums -- and two acts that are new to me: Grieves with Budo (I checked it out: it's two different artists, not a Dances With Wolves sequel) and Sab the Artist. Ah yes, and Ace Rock, who joins the tour on that night only.

Point of the story: pre-sale tickets become available this morning at 10 a.m. through trans-celestial service fee-masters Another Planet Entertainment. Snap 'em up now before they go on the regular market (for, um, people who don't read this blog?) on Sunday. There are some detail discrepancies between the APE website and this Facebook event page, so you should probably act even quicker and get tickets before Mark Zuckerberg snatches them all and pretends going to the show is his exclusive intellectual property. You know that dude is all about the Hustle.

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