New Strokes Single, 'Under Cover of Darkness,' Soon To Be Uncovered and Illuminated

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Where's the money, Leboffski?

Has the breakup of the White Stripes left you jonesing for some new simple, monosyllabic early-aughts post-garage rock? If so, never fear: The Strokes are hear to pat your hand and whisper soothing secrets in your ear.

For the next hour or so, the biggest secret is what the lead single from their new album, Angles, is going to sound like: they'll be hosting a stream and a download on their website for 48 hours, but instead of making it available to our insta-gratified ears they've opted to build buzz with a somewhat overblown countdown clock. Will the gambit work? Well, you're reading about it, aren't you? Maybe you're listening to the song as you read this! Maybe the countdown clock is gone! Did it ever really exist? Is On Kawara still alive?

Anyway, the song is called "Under Cover of Darkness," and it comes out some time around 11:33 a.m. PST today. (Representatives for the band could not be reached for comment on this choice of time, due to lack of effort to reach them.) Rolling Stone says the track "barrels into the bar with 'Return to Form' written on its forehead," so maybe you can expect the song to have a forehead? Rolling Stone also described L.A. blooze trio Wake Up Lucid as "raunchy rock at it's [sic] best," so who knows what's what at this point.

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