In Print: The Sweet Explorations of Tennis, and the Church Reinvents Its Past

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Jessica Hess
The Salty Tales of Tennis: Their saga is like some kind of 21st-century fairy tale, and Tennis' work ably carries on a sense of wonder. Cape Dory, their debut released in January, is summery, genial indie-pop, rich with doe-eyed memories of their time on water. The record is titled after their vessel's manufacturer, and all of its 10 tracks chronicle moments and feelings from the couple's nautical adventure. Songs carry names like "Coconut Grove," "Bimini Bay," and "Long Boat Pass," and the majority of the lyrical content is about being smitten with your partner, as if your soulmate's affections hold the key to an unfamiliar, gorgeous world. "Seafarer/You and I belong together/Whoa-oh-oh," croons Moore with sweet femininity in "Seafarer." In "Water Birds," she goes, "When you kiss me, you really kiss me," sounding less like she's hinting at a quickie and more like she wants you to ask her to go steady. Riley, however, doesn't believe that knowing about the adventure and participants that led to Cape Dory is intrinsic to understanding it. "It was just supposed to be an album -- a simple album that made you happy or want to go outside or something," he says.

The Church Reinvents its Past:
When the Church brings its show to a close at the Great American Music Hall on Friday night -- or, more likely, Saturday morning -- the seminal alt-rock band from Australia will have played nearly three hours of music from a trio of records from its extensive discography. No small feat for a bunch of guys in their 50s. "It's quite an undertaking for the band and for the audience," says frontman Steve Kilbey on the phone from Sydney, noting that the night will include two intermissions. "The audience is going to have to be patient to sit through all this music, and they're going to really have to be into it. If we can pull it off, I think it would be incredible."

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When, Steven, when. Never if. Of course you'll pull it off!

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