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From the latest SF Weekly:

The Pomplamoose Revolution: On an improbably sunny midwinter day, amid green pastures and meandering cows, two unassuming musicians are waging a revolution against the established order of the recording industry.

Here, inside a dim shed formerly used as a dog kennel, Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn are recording their next album as Pomplamoose -- a musical project that is half traditional band, half social media experiment, and entirely an insurrection against how things are normally done in the music business.

This insurrection, by the way, is often prosecuted in pajamas. That's just one of the many perks that come with working according to your own rules and working at home. The central theater of Pomplamoose's campaign, the renovated shed and nondescript ranch house in which Conte and Dawn record their music, sits on a spread in rural Sonoma County in Northern California. And aside from the sprawling collection of musical instruments housed here, and the youthfulness of the residents, this property stands out in another important way: It was purchased with money earned by selling MP3s on the Internet.

Dam-Funk plays at this year's Noise Pop festival
Noise Pop 2011 Guide: Now it's a festival name, an almost-genre, and, for some, even a mantra -- but back in 1993, "noise pop" was just a term Kevin Arnold made up to describe a bunch of bands he liked. He stenciled the phrase on a poster, along with the names of the acts he'd corralled, and proclaimed the first-ever "S.F. Noise Pop Festival." When everyone showed up at the Kennel Club on Jan. 29 for the festival's first (and only) night, there were about 200 more people than the fire marshall would have allowed. But the show was a huge success anyway -- so much so that when Arnold demurred about whether he'd do it again, the fans and bands basically forced him to...

Also, we recommend shows from Swans, Death, FreQ Nasty, and Soulico.

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