Five Shows President Obama Should See in S.F. Tonight (After His Tech Meeting)

You're coming tonight? But Prince isn't 'til next week!
Congratulations, President Obama, on picking one our nastiest days, weather-wise, to show up to the Bay Area. We're truly sorry "Sunny California" had to drench you. But, Mr. President, while we know you have important meetings scheduled for your all-too-brief visit, we have to ask: why come now? Don't you know Prince isn't playing until next week? And you're five whole days too early for Noise Pop, the music festival that helps us creatively minded locals make it through drizzly winters.

Still, there's rarely a bad night to be out on the town in S.F. If this rainy Thursday is your only chance to take in some live music in S.F. -- and you're going to need a beer and some beats after hanging with nerds all evening -- here are five ideas for how to spend your precious time.

1. Cake at the Fillmore
It's hard to imagine any bandleader who sees more eye-to-eye with you on environmental issues than Cake's John McCrea. Plus, Cake recently released a song called "Federal Funding," which may provide some much-needed perspective on your impending budget struggle. And knowing your appreciation for stirring rhetoric, President Obama, we think you'd probably love this wordy alt-rock band from up the road in Sacramento.

2. Gift of Gab at the Independent
Few MCs, let alone politicians, are as quick-tounged -- or quick-witted -- as Gift of Gab, Mr. President. And why not show those culturally constipated political opponents of yours that there really is something called positive hip-hop?

3. Wicked Mercies (and many more) at Winter Music Fest/Cellspace
Hell, you're from Chicago, so you must love classic soul, right, Obama? Well, Wicked Mercies bang it out with gusto, thanks to three female singers and an honest-to-god brass section. Maybe they're not Chicago-style, exactly, but we bet you'd have a hard time finding something this funky in D.C.

4. S.F. Bluegrass & Old Time Festival at Cafe Du Nord

Rather than antagonize the opponents, Mr. President, you could try one-upping them on your appreciation of traditional American music. The next time you have the chance, wouldn't it be cool to pick up a fiddle, wring out out some jig, and blow your opponents' little redneck minds? Find some inspiration here -- because wow, we'd really love to see the first Black (banjo-playing) President.

5. All Atheists Are Muslim at Stage Werx
Okay, so this isn't music, but we would just love to see you attend a comedy show about an Atheist boy and an Iranian-descended girl trying to have a normal relationship in the midst of thousands of years of religious tradition. We bet you'd find something to relate to, Mr. President.

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