Dig the New Mogwai Album, Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will, and a New Video Today

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Scottish post-rock/#BASED progenitors Mogwai release album number seven today, Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will. It's less what you'd call a return to form than a spirited condensation of their roomy, moody noise epics; as they've done before, most notably on 2006's Mr. Beast, this album finds them streamlining their compositions to honest-to-goodness song length -- why, there's barely an eight-minute sprawl to be found. (Closing track "You're Lionel Richie" clocks in at eight and a half: phew!)

You can stream the album today at Rolling Stone and admire the band's dedicated tunefulness while you plot out the 364 days before you have to deal with Valentine's Day again. Also check out the video, above, for third single (after "Rano Pano" and "San Pedro") "Mexican Grand Prix," which introduces you to a dizzying number of strangers on a dizzying number of markedly non-Mexican street corners and subway platforms. Who are they? What do those dudes outside the copy shop have to do with the barely intelligible vocals? Figure this out and the Grand Prix is yours. (Note: Grand Prix not guaranteed.)

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