A Seminar in Getting High to a Cassette Tape, Thanks To I Am the Dot's The Bridges EP


Listen to this while high: The Bridges EP by I Am the Dot.

Behind the buzz: I found this cassette release wedged in my mailbox some months after toking up to the artist's "We Have Not Arrived" MP3. Denver experimental soulster Zach Tipton's music has pleasantly brain mutative propensities already outlined, and getting high to a cassette tape lends a certain mid-Eighties charm.


Today's dope: The last dainty flakes of a treacherous indica strain called Trinity Fire.

Flashback: "We Have Not Arrived" is the opening track, and remembering to push play is half the battle with cassette-only stoning. This track has lost none of its Scott Walker-and-soda fizz on this rehearing, ringing on the same Our Man Flint reveries as before, with the trippy piano figure at the end making a jolly way for the haunted prettiness of "Honey and Vinegar." By this point, the Fire has kicked in, and a missed stab at the hold button mutilates two seconds of tape, lending an unexpected John Cage-like improvisation to my copy. Tipton's wan wiseguy lyrics bob up from time to time, intermixed with fine McCartneyesque scatting. "Formaldehyde" is a trippy hymn to inertia that fittingly enough inspires it, as the chorus continues to unwind in your inner ear until Side A ends with that familiar old ca-chook.

Side B: consists of three chewy remixes of earlier Tiptonana. "River of Solitude" is a Syd Barrett-y acoustic ballad that meanders pleasingly along "a road three angles meet" with a detour into tender abstract noise. "Quantum Thoughts" veers into classic California psych, with abundant hooks, pulsing dance beat, and utopian lyrics lulling me into a sense of security false enough to hazard a second toke. "LQD GLD" is a venture into pure noise pop, with tinkly synth lines and tribal beats skittering through abstract fuzz and designer crackle, with another extended span of pure sweet silence until a rude reprise of the end of Side A.

After you come down: Direct all inquires to Fight The Future.

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