Watch: The Limousines' Amazing (Unofficial) Video Gets Made as You Watch It

Bet you can't Photoshop this fast.
So this is cool: The latest (unofficial) video from about the soon-to-blow-up Bay Area electo-pop duo the Limousines shows you how it was made while it plays. Or it gets made while you watch. Or something. Its billed as a "behind-the-scenes" sort of thing, but that sort of undersells it. The clip challenges our grasp of how music and videos generally work (with the making of first and the watching of second), all while showing off some hefty digi-wizardry. And did we mention "Very Busy People" is a very catchy song? Prepare for some hook-laden mind-bending, folks:

Director and producer Mathieu Wothke and the others who made this thing sure earned their keep, eh?

The Limousines are headlining the Rickshaw Stop on Feb. 3. The band's latest album, Get Sharp, was just released on limited edition, autographed vinyl if you're into that sort of thing.

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