The Top 6 Most Irritating Uses of a Really High Note in a Song

The moral of this list? Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should do it. Nobody likes a show-off, and nobody enjoys shattered glass and burst eardrums. Here, then, are some proponents of high notes who really should've kept their vocal cords in check.

6. Muse, "Micro Cuts" 


If you've ever seen Muse live, you'll know that it's a mind-bending experience. "How the shit are three tiny humans making such an incredible amount of noise?" everyone wonders aloud, for the first half hour. Problem is, once the crowd gets used to it and settles into the show, Matt Bellamy often feels like the band's prowess is being taking for granted. So, in a fit of rage one day (we're guessing), he invented this thing where he warbles really, really high until every piece of glass in the auditorium has broken (which is the sole purpose of "Micro Cuts"). It's both an attention-grabber and an act of revenge. Sort of like the end of Carrie without the fire.

5. Skid Row, "Wasted Time"
Contrary to popular belief, Skid Row was awesome. Sebastian Bach's girlish cheekbones, perfectly tousled hair, and teeny tiny leather vests were a wondrous sight to behold. We also liked it a lot when he would go all bow-legged every time he needed to hit a high note -- like the magic all came from his rubber-clad nether regions. We suspect that the day the band recorded "Wasted Time," though, he'd laced his leggings up too tight, because there's a bit about 5:07 minutes in where he sounds like he's trying to burst out of his pants using the power only of his lungs and man voice. Total shame when the rest of the song is so, um, amazing.

4. U2, "I Can't Help Falling In Love With You"
Dear Bono, you know how everyone hates you? It's not just because of the self-righteous, wraparound sunglasses crap, it's also because of shit like this, where you take a bonafide classic and sing the middle bit like a nine-year-old girl with her hair stuck in machinery. WTF, bro? It's enough to make us forget The Joshua Tree even happened. How much did you pay that girl in the front row to scream "We love you, Bono!" anyway? We'd need at least a million dollars at this point.

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Mari Bogveli
Mari Bogveli

actually i love micro cuts!! gives me chills every time i listen to it... but agree about Mariah Carey


hahahhaha, so stupid, Matt Bellamy has an incredible voice,this article is just FAIL :)

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