Stockton Rapper Okwerdz Battles Drummer Eric Moore (It's A Draw)

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If you're anything like me, your 2011 so far has been lacking a certain je ne sais quoi. Did you know that je ne sais quoi was French for "rap battle between local MC and 2003 Guitar Center Drum Off champion"? Of course it's not. How could you even think such a thing? Anyway, watch this video:

Hits the spot, right? That's MC Okwerdz and portly powerhouse percussionist Eric Moore, both of whom hail from Stockton. Hard to say what about this is so pleasing -- the petulant interplay between rhyme and rhythm? The battle between dangerous exertion and imperturbability on Moore's face? The proof that the best retort to a litany of fat jokes is to keep doing your thing incredibly well? Also: the Drumline reference.

You can see Okwerdz get all red-faced sparring with various other cats here, but be warned: they all use words, which is a little bit underwhelming once you've witnessed a battle with sticks and, uh, skins too.

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