SF Weekly Gets a Shout-Out on IFC's Hipster-Mocking New Show, Portlandia ('I Loved It!')

The Independent Film Channel has finally followed hipster-mocking to its logical conclusion: a television show based entirely around lampooning the death of Western civilization and a group that "did not yield a great literature, but it made good use of fonts." (Oh, you thought it was all about black frame glasses and skinny pants? You have a lot to learn, my friend!)

The show is called Portlandia and takes place in that hotbed of hipsterism where (the shows opening episode posits) the "dream of the 90s lives on" and the "tattoo ink never runs dry." It's co-written, created, and starred in by Fred Armisen from SNL and Carrie Brownstein from Sleater-Kinney and Wild Flag.

The above clip depicts two of the characters (played by Armisen and Brownstein) having a pissing contest over who has read what, and ye olde SF Weekly gets a shout out. They love us! They really love us!

At any rate, the show looks pretty funny, and you can watch the first episode here.

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