Odd Future Is Finally Coming to S.F. -- And Soon

Big news for you fans of the new, the prolific, and the emphatically profane.

Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (that's Odd Future for short), the 10-odd-member underage L.A. rap collective whose Quaalude beats and pretty much reprehensible lyrics light up the online hypo-sphere like a formaldehyde blunt, is finally playing San Francisco. In February.

Start working up your outrage now, or just go get tickets, because ... shit.

The S.F. show at Slim's on Feb. 22 is part of what looks like a small national tour in advance of the group's Coachella performance. That's kinda wow, because, in case you haven't been paying attention, previous Odd Future shows in L.A. and New York have inspired days-long digital ruminations on the merits/attractiveness/ickiness of the group's lyrics, which describe rape, kiddnapping, murder, misogyny, and many other things we generally hope most people believe are wrong ("Chop a bitch head off, then get a pleasant nut off"). But take one listen to this anarcho-rap, and you'll realize there's more to it than the lyrics. Or at least we think so.

So expect many Odd Future dissections, compliments, and dismissals during the next few months. We're mostly curious about how these young'ns will perform onstage -- especially since some past shows reportedly haven't been so awesome.

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Public Frenemy
Public Frenemy

Why would you call this "anarcho-rap"? Anarchism is against misogyny. Sounds more like "horror-core" to me.


Fuck this old ass writer, I bet your parents didn't like you shoving your Cat Stevens records up your ass. Go smoke a blunt to your out dated rock

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