New S.F. Service Feeds You Indie Music One Spoonful at a Time

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So how do you stay up on new music? 

Everyone has their own methods, some of which (listening to KUSF, R.I.P.) are more effective than others (trying to read Pitchfork reviews while hammered). Today, a new web service started up here in San Francisco to help: It's called mySpoonful, and the basic idea is that you get a brief, to-the-point newsletter thrice per week about a new band (with MP3) to check out.

'What makes this service different from RCRDLBL?' you might ask, and that's a fair question. 

Well, maybe because it's housed here in S.F., mySpoonful seems to lean a big more indie/alt/tattooed than RCRDLBL -- it plans to include music from a wide variety of genres, but mainly from artists "outside the mainstream."

Also, it's curated by a staff that includes organizers for CMJ (the big NYC indie music festival) and Treasure Island. The service's launch-day press release includes an approving quote from Jordan Kurland, who started Noise Pop and currently manages She & Him and Death Cab for Cutie.

Right now, mySpoonful features short bios and MP3s from Tacoma indie-rockers Oberhofer, L.A. ukulele emphatics Pepper Rabbit, and Kentucky singer-songwriter Cheyenne Marie Mize. Each entry includes an MP3 and expands to reveal a detailed background blurb, a video, and links.

There's no shortage of blogs/publications/services out there clamoring for you to listen to this, but initially, mySpoonful seems like a pretty tasteful and user-friendly attempt to deliver up-and-coming music to people who don't have a lot of time to spend looking for it. We plan to check the service out and report back our thoughts after we get more experience with it. So far, we can confidently say this: mySpoonful looks way more friendly to the intoxicated/exhausted/impatient reader than an 850-word Pitchfork review.

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Mike S.
Mike S.

MySpoonful is giving exposing to some great indie bands. There isn't too much on the site that I am overwhelmed with information. There is also a built in audio player so I can listen and discover, while I work.

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