Killer Mike Is Still "Burn"-ing Over the Oscar Grant Shooting

Categories: Hip-Hop, Tragedy
The Oscar Grant saga was an awful event in Bay Area history -- and, uh, we'll leave it at that. But more than two years after the tragedy, Outkast affiliate and overall Dirty South badass Killer Mike still has much more to say on the matter. Over four minutes worth, in fact.

Spitting over bluesy, bouncy, live instrumentation that samples Funkadelic ("You and Your Folks, Me and My Folks"), Killer Mike uses his supreme rhyming talents and the Oakland shooting to attack injustice against the black community from all angles on a new song, "Burn." He touches on discrimination, institutional racism, and hypocrisy as they pertain to religion, law enforcement, schools, and the job market. Essentially, Killer Mike calls for more public action to these problems.

And maaaaaaybe stockpiling guns and burning everything down isn't a great move? But channeling some of that anger isn't the worst idea, either. Plus, it's sorta good to know that people haven't pushed this sad story into the recesses of their mind to be forgotten.

[via The Fader]

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One of my Fav rappers!!!

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