Indiana's Native Shoots Straight, Drives Slow, Plays Twice This Weekend

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Native, a noisy prog-core quartet from Northwest Indiana, are playing two shows this weekend at the Bottom of the Hill in support of their last album, Wrestling Moves, which combines all the rhythmic intricacy and interlocking near-melodies and committed yelling of post-hardcore exemplars like These Arms Are Snakes. Also playing are Orange County psych-core heroes RX Bandits, whose Mandala just came out, and Floridian punk stalwarts Fake Problems. Check it out -- you've got two weekend nights to get it right. Below, Native's Ed O'Neill answers some questions with disarming straightforwardness.

How's the tour going so far?
Tour is going well so far. It's definitely a new experience for us playing such big venues, so we're still getting the hang of it.

How did your tour with RX Bandits come about?
We're both on Sargent House and have some common friends, so it kind of just worked out and came together. RX was cool enough to have us along on these couple of weekends of shows.

What was your best set so far?
Our best set so far was probably at the Las Vegas Hard Rock Cafe.

Where are you most looking forward to playing?
We're definitely looking forward to Los Angeles and San Francisco, but also stoked to return to Fresno on an off date of the tour.

Where are you least looking forward to playing?

Can't really say that we're not looking forward to any of the shows, but we know the least about San Luis Obispo so we're not sure what to expect.

How do you decide who plays first for the dates you and RX Bandits are co-headlining?
The bill is established well before hand with the band carrying the most weight in the headlining position. In this case RX is headlining these dates because of their large fan base and they're well established in all the areas of the tour.

Which band is selling more merch?
RX is definitely selling the most merch, it's their tour and their neck of the woods.

Which band has the best tour-van hijinks?
I personally haven't seen what it's like in the RX van, but I know we've done some out-of-the-ordinary things like piss in apple juice bottles in the backseat or jump over the seats onto each other with the radio turned up.

What do you plan to do with your day off in San Francisco?
On our day off we'll probably just hang out with some friends and really get to see the city. The last time we were there we didn't have a chance to see anything.

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