Hide The Children: Hunx and His Punx' Seth Bogart and Brande Baugh Want To Start a TV Show

Anyone else find this pic utterly terrifying?
Try to imagine how Seth Bogart might expand his burgeoning cultural empire. He's already the Hunx of Hunx and His Punx, a pop-punk band whose sleazy songs incite shudders from decent people around the country, if not the world. He already runs Down at LuLu's, a combination hair/nail salon, vintage shop, and record store in Oakland that's the kind of place you could imagine John Waters spreading his ashes (if he has any left after giving Baltimore its due).

Anyway, Bogart is a bonafide local musical and cultural star of the speedo-wearing, pube-displaying, nasty-talking-on-Twitter variety. But being such an enterprising specimen, he naturally won't stop there. Along with Punx member and LuLu co-conspirator Brande Baugh, Bogart is planning a TV show. And they want your help.

The program will be called Hollywood Nails. The vision: "A variety show about gossip, BBW's [that's "big beautiful women," in case you didn't know], control top panty hose, good hair, JUSTICE, and gay pets," according to its Kickstarter page.


Surprisingly, or rather not, the main obstacle to Bogart and Baugh's impending airwave domination is green-colored paper. ("Sequins don't grow on trees, ya know?") They promise exquisitely campy goods and services if you aid them in overcoming it: hand-painted guitars, personal shopping, art, and even a cameo on the show itself.

Maybe even creepier than the first one.
Feel free to contribute here. But don't blame us if one day these two run the world, or at least the People's Gaypublic of Drugafornia.

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