Myspace Is a Steaming Pile of Suck and Should Just Go Away Already

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The latest news coming out of the Internets is that Myspace is still hemmoraghing money (and web traffic), even after its big redesign. Once prime real estate for established and aspiring musicians to post new tracks for insatiable web denizens, the site has spiraled downward into irrelevance. Now, if Myspace burns to the ground, no one but its employees, half of whom may be laid off, will suffer. Music-minded web users are practically praying for the site's downfall. And they should be.

Some background: By a stroke of dumb luck five or six years ago, Myspace realized that musicians needed somewhere to post tracks and updates about their projects. It wasn't the best-looking or best-functioning site -- half the time, the music player wouldn't even bother to load. But so many people were using it at the time that MySpace was the easiest path to exposure for most bands. Nowadays, that's all changed.

How? Well it's simple: Myspace waited until it was too late to try and improve the site. When improvements came, the redesign was so ill-conceived that it only further alienated users. For years, Myspace let artists have free reign over the design of their pages, which resulted in poor layouts that were slow to load and swarmed the senses with flashing images and bright colors. The only consistent element of artists' pages was the poorly functioning music player.

With the new design, Myspace took some aesthetic control away from users and attempted to unify the design of individual pages. But that's brought new problems: the location of information like artists' friends and tour dates differs significantly from page to page. Pages with custom backgrounds are glitchy, ads are everywhere, and now the site is slower to load than ever before.

With the juggernaut that is Twitter, and the increasingly ubiquitous Facebook more publicly accessible than ever, music fans no longer need Myspace to connect with their favorite artists.

As a result, smaller, but better, music sites have been winning out over the last year. Instead of linking to their Myspace page on Twitter or Facebook, musicians are sending fans to Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and Mixcloud pages. These sites are faster, easier to use, and better designed than Myspace ever was. And all of these sites allow you to embed favorite tracks, mixtapes, or entire albums on your blog or Facebook page with minimum fuss.

Now that I've gotten used to artists posting links to these sites on various social media outlets, I -- and many other music fans, apparently -- am going anywhere but Myspace to find new music. The site was once the leader for streaming new stuff, but that time has passed. All that's left of Myspace now is a steaming pile of suck.

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www/  free movies, music, and everything else myspace lacks... Still!

Discover New Music
Discover New Music

This website has some extremely helpful information on it! Thanks for helping me!

Wesley Mcgranor
Wesley Mcgranor

Myspace was once the utmost in internet civics and the arts. Weblogs were filled with various activism and at the forums right-wingers were determined to get back in after being banned. Now its desolate and Facebook has became the popular site for no good reason at all.


MySpace Provided Opportunity To Over Take Facebook Ignored

Chase Carey was given the opportunity to initiate a plan that would have generated net earnings of over one billion dollars for MySpace by the third year, and between 400 and 600 million dollars in net earnings over and above current net earnings in the first year (which currently there are none) generated by MySpace.

But Carey ignored the opportunity which is reflective of News Corp's Policy that "No One Knows More Than Us About Anything."

Representatives of News Corp attempted to obtain details of the plan on a verbal basis without a written agreement. When that was suggested, News Corp reps were advised that their past practices in similar situations were well known and that they would not be provided details without a written agreement in place. At that time Carey is believed to have ordered discussions to be discontinued.

This while current MySpace users have rebelled against the new MySpace Chase Carey and Jonathan Miller authorized development of.

This is what happens when people that do not understand what a Social Network is think they know everything.

I guess when it is Rupert Murdoch’s money Carey and Miller are losing they have no worries. Or Should They Get Their Resumes Updated?

Nico Perez
Nico Perez

Thanks for including Mixcloud in your article Adrian. Most of our team are DJs and several of us have run radio shows, so I think it helps being the audience that we are building the site for.

Nico (Mixcloud co-founder)

Label Guy
Label Guy

While Myspace has some severe issues, and competition in the music space has opened up, you're dead wrong about it's irrelevance in music, and your "article" is a bit naive. Over the past few months, we've added more "friends" to our bands' profiles and have streamed more music than in the past year. We've seen our buzz on social music charts increase as well. While that's not a direct causation of Myspace, as we use lots of promotional tools on the web, Myspace is still a core part of our strategy.

The problem with Myspace is that the redesign is alienating a lot of the "old" users...users who simply are not sophisticated enough to understand how the new site works...and that's a real challenge for them. Hence why you may not like the new site. But to say that those smaller music sites are winning (at least as of today)? I don't think so. they barely make a blip for our artists, and while I don't discount any opportunity for exposure, Myspace Music is still the number one promotional machine for us.

Now that can all change in 2011, and its our job to be nimble enough to adjust our social strategy, but I wouldn't discount them out just yet.


Just let it die... slowly! It's still used by teens & tweens... whom I really like avoiding on the internet. Hell, I'll pay for them to keep it going so I can avoid that group!!


Strongly agree. Hopefully a smart team can find a new use for the site, that makes it relevant again. No need to burn it to the ground... just re-imagine what people need.

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