NYE in Photos: Dresden Dolls and Pomplamoose Howl in 2011 at the Warfield

Gil Riego
The Dresden Dolls' Amanda "Fucking" Palmer
Dresden Dolls
December 31, 2010
@ The Warfield

Better than: Ringing in the new year in 1939.
All those chicks wearing corsets you saw on New Year's Eve? Most likely they were either coming or going from the Warfield, where the Dresden Dolls stopped to unfurl the S.F. iteration of the band's current reunion tour. And what a strangely fitting way to step into the future: The Dolls' strong, bitter taste of an imagined "cabaret-punk" past, an emo-Weimar piano-rock fantasy replete with hits, a number from The Threepenny Opera, and enough technical difficulties to feel irritatingly like the digital age. Oh yes, and corsets. The past is not dead, nor past, indeed. But I guess it is 2011 now.

Gil Riego
YouTube stars Pomplamoose began the night by dragging their innocuous bedroom pop onstage. But once through their quick set of famous covers like "September" and "Single Ladies," and a few smooth originals such as "Be Still," another opener began. Some lad (Dolls pal Jason Webley) dressed in a supremely old-worldy suit stepped out with an accordion, and proceeded to rile up the swelling audience with a dusty drinking song. Ordering us to hold our fingers up in the air and watch them intently as we turned in a circle 11 times, Webley upped the singalong enthusiasm; and as he pointed out, it was a cheap way to maximize the impact of those $7 drinks.

Gil Riego
Gil Riego
The Dresden Dolls

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