Emperor Norton's Jazz Band Looks, Sounds Nothing Like Buddy Holly

Emperor Norton's Jazz Band: Apparently they have a thing for Weezer
Denatured cover of the week--nay, the year so far: when the hepcats of Frisco sextet Emperor Norton's Jazz Band played on Sunday at Amnesia, as they do the first Sunday of each month, they unveiled a sterling NoLa-jazz cover of a certain alt-grunge classic from Weezer. Watch them play "Buddy Holly" after the jump.

This should put the requisite swagger in your step as you jitterbug to the trolley car. This could so totally be the year we bring spats back to the Mission.

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853 Valencia, San Francisco, CA

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I love Buddy Holly but there is a person to address about this topic. Timothy D Kehr, you are living 30+ years in the past. Who gives a hell about your commercials as most people who even remember them are dead or about to die. I'm sorry that you never accomplished stardom, but in your mind you did. You were a nobody and you still are a nobody! Why don't you close your eyes and dream about yourself walking down the red carpet, because it will only be a dream! Your name, TIMOTHY D. KEHR as if you are a recognizable name. You are the biggest phony in the Twin Cities. Also, by the way, you make it sound as if you are very wealthy. There is a running joke that we all have here here in Edina. We all know that you are the cheapest person in the Metro if not the state. All of us here talk about how you act like you are really something, but we laugh after you walk away as we have done this for years. Timmy, lets hear more about Buddy Holly and other topics that are so old that there should be dust coming out of your mouth Timmy boy the 60's were 40 years ago, back to reality now. News alert Tim, nobody cares about these topics but you, don't you get it? Most of us have known you for 20+ years and we are all wondering when you will finally realize that you are as important as the cleak at the Dollar Store. Wake up you idiot!


Amazingly cool band. About time a fresh band is heard with an invigorating sound. Excellent horn playing and the guy on the banjo was amazing!!

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