Do You Want a DJ in a Purple Dinosaur Outfit (aka Mochipet) to Cook You Dinner?

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Why not, really?
Bay Area electronic producer Mochipet has a challenge for you: The DJ in the Purple Dinosaur costume is putting out a single later this year on local label Daly City Records called "Whomp-A-Saurus Sex." (Really.) Purple dude needs cover art for said single. Purple dude wants you to make it, and if he digs what you draw enough to pick your artwork, well, he's got a few surprising rewards for you to pick from. One is culinary, one is musical, and one is pure fashion. Discover those, and hear the single, after the jump.

So, if you mark artwork for this song:

And if Mochipet digs it, and picks it for the cover, you get to pick between these three rewards:

1. Mochipet will come over and cook you dinner/lunch.*
2. Mochipet will go to your house and DJ your party.*
3. Mochipet will send you a purple custom made dino suit to make your own Dino Party!*

*Options 1 & 2 are only available if Mochipet is on tour in your town.
Pretty sweet, eh?

Even better, Peppermill records -- a small label that's helping with the project -- is posting the art pieces as they come in. Check 'em out here, (scroll down) they're pretty funny. Submit your stuff here.

Oh, and if any of you win this contest, can we come to the DJ/dinner party? We're not exactly visual artists over here...

Thanks in advance.

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so, we submit free graphic design work and the prize is to let someone with no stated culinary experience come into our kitchens and touch my knives? pass.

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