Cheap Shows Will Make Upcoming Tuesdays in January Better Than Regular Days In January

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Catch Sparrows Gate in a slightly more convenient venue next Tuesday at Slim's, at the start of the Winter Residency show series.
Wait! Before that post-Xmas, post-smashed-New-Year's-resolution glumness fully sets in, you have a chance to truly attain your dream for 2011.

As long, that is, as your dream for 2011 is to attend coolish shows for cheap.

If you can find a five spot and a place called Slim's down in Soma, you can dodge the deep-winter blues. Next week, therein, will commence the Winter Residency, a concert series of mostly local artists performing together for rates even your debt-besotted self can afford.

That price would be $5, and no, it's not the only good part here. The first Winter Residency -- presented by local show-thrower FolkYeah on Jan. 11 -- features the sweet, countrified pop-rock of locals Sparrows Gate and Sweet Chariot. On the second such night, Jan. 18, otherwordly blues savant Entrance performs solo at the top of the bill, with 3 Leafs and Nectarine Pie farther down. On the third (and apparently final) Winter Residency Jan. 25, we're stoked to see Americana ramblers The Sandwitches headlining, with S.F. post-punk outfit the Art Museums playing in the second-to-top spot.

Certainly you've had plenty of chances to see all these bands play before. But all together, for $5, on a night when you're usually home watching Cheers reruns and pining for sunlight? There might just be hope for 2011 yet.

If going to shows won't get you through the winter, what else will? Inform us on Twitter @SFAllShookDown, harass Ian S. Port @iPORT, and diagnose us with SAD at

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