Win Tickets to Monsters of Accordion This Saturday at Slim's

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Corn Mo will provide you with an education, we'll cover the tuition.
Let's face it: You have an insufficient appreciation for the accordion. You still think of squeezeboxes as the musical tools of drunken Bulgarians on their second-cousins' wedding nights. You haven't warmed to the instrument's sticky, homely, heartwarming sound, and you certainly haven't realized the immense skill it takes to play one.

We can change that. On Saturday, Slim's will play host to Monsters of Accordion -- a tour of four of the instrument's titans, including Corn Mo, who has been described by Rolling Stone as "the future of rock."

Yes, "the future!" And furthermore, we want to send you to be educated/futurized for free.

We've got a pair of tickets to Saturday's concert to hand out, and they don't even have to go to a reader in need of an accordion appreciation lesson. We're giving the tickets to the 20th new person to like our Facebook page and comment on this story. We'll pick the winner Friday afternoon, so leave us a comment about why you want to go, and cross you fingers that you end up No. 20.

"Squeezebox" is such a rad name, isn't it? Follow us on Twitter, while you're at it, and remember, you can't win at this contest or at life unless you like and comment on our Facebook page.

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