Download: Wallpaper Gets Crunk as Hell In New Song, '#Stupidfacedd'

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Wallpaper's Ricky Reed
Ricky Reed's gone crunk, people. No, no, sorry: Hella crunk. The new Wallpaper track sounds like the drunken boasting of some sleaze-infused, booze-slammed sex addict. (Yeah, it's awesome.) Also, the song title -- #Stupidfacedd" is practically a slur in itself. Fitting for the way this thing sounds.

We know Wallpaper has lots of tunes about drinking and getting down, but this banger is deeper, fatter, and way more crunk than anything we've heard from the Oakland duo before. Also, lines like "Super soaker filled with four-loker/ Plus So-Co/ Real gross, yo" sound especially wacked-out and skeezy through his pitch-shifted voice. Turn up the bass and bang this all weekend, people -- it's yours for the price of an e-mail.

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