Video from Last Night: The Fresh & Onlys and Lucky Dragons at the New Parish

[No Age]
Fresh & Onlys
Lucky Dragons
December 8, 2010
@ The New Parish

Better than: Um.

Things got off to a very slow start last night at the New Parish.

From what we heard, this was because a subwoofer (the big bass speaker) went out in the house P.A., delaying the start of the show by more than an hour, and ultimately causing us, because of Bart schedules, to miss headliner No Age. Bummer.

But alas. Here's a roundup of what we saw in video.

The thickening crowd stood around and waited during what should have been opener Lucky Dragons' set. What appeared to be a replacement speaker arrived about 10 p.m. -- an hour after the opener was supposed to start. Luke Fischbeck, the man behind Lucky Dragons, had arranged his laptop, a small mixer, and some gadgets on the floor in front of the stage. As he began dispensing ribbons of warm, abstract tones throughout the room, most in front sat down on the floor. Several in the crowd reacted badly to this. One girl I was standing next to cussed under her breath, told her friend "nothing's going to happen," and walked off.

Soon Fischbeck clicked a button on one of his gadgets, which turned out to be an LCD projector. He passed out CDs to those sitting near it, who then waved them in front of the light blast. This caused small rainbow shrapnel to shoot throughout the room, and seemed to catch people's attention:

Fischbeck had already handed out a thumb piano and some shaking sticks to the audience; soon he passed out a microphone:

Towards the end of the set, when the music began to quiet down, I realized that the CD reflections made by the light were affecting the sounds emanating from the Parish's now-omnipotent P.A. This video shows it best:

After Lucky Dragons' set, locals the Fresh & Onlys played. The crowd, although somewhat interested in Lucky Dragons, seemed glad to have a more traditional rock band playing on stage.

So how was No Age? Tell us how the rest of the show went in the comments section.

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