The Triple Crown To Hold Big NYE Bash -- Then Close for Good

The Triple Crown
That's right folks, the Triple Crown -- that outpost of happy-hour treats, fake leather seats, DJ nights, and big chandeliers perched on the corner of Octavia and Market -- is closing.

But it's not departing without a bang -- or in this case, a boom-bap, an oonce-oonce, and a talking drum. See, Triple Crown's kicking the champagne bucket on New Years' Eve, so a pack of notable local DJs will be there to peel the black paint off the walls with fresh jams and make sure you remember the occasion. (Relatively speaking.) Only 300 people will get in, making this downright intimate compared to that other NYE party you were considering -- hell, you might even see someone you know!

The full lineup for the night is still being worked on, but here's the plan so far:

DJ M3 (Green Gorilla Lounge)
Afrolicious (Live)
Anthony Mansfield (Green Gorilla Lounge)
Eric Sharp (Rock It Science Laboratories)
Sleazemore (Lights Down Low)
Sammy D (Kontrol)
Nikola Baytala (Kontrol, SWAT)
Chris Smith (Om Records)
Shane King (Hacksaw Entertainment)

Solid Gold Decor by Micah Byrnes
Solid Gold Attire Encouraged
Tacos by Triple Crown
Champagne Toast at Midnight

We should also mention that tickets are a paltry $20, which is hella cheap for an NYE party, especially one marking the end of a local bar/club.

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