Tonight: Free Lichens In-Store at Aquarius Records

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Eat your heart out, mustachioed local bartenders

If you're taking a pre-happy hour totter through the Mission this evening after work, you should probably stop in to visit darling indie-esoterica purveyors Aquarius Records and catch a free in-store set from Lichens, the otherworldly drone project of one Robert A.A. Lowe (sometime member of Chicago prog-soul stalwarts 90 Day Men and Brooklyn werewolf consortium TV on the Radio).

Consider it a preview for his show with Om tomorrow night at the Independent, and a chance to get up close and personal with the makings of his mind-boggling sound-bending tricks. (True story: I once stood by while Lowe politely explained to a fan after a show that he'd just been whistling, not playing a field recording from inside an aviary.)

While you're at it, check out some of his releases, beginning with this year's spacious Eclipses, released on Thrill Jockey under his non-vegetal name, and going back as far as his lightly occult Kranky debut, The Psychic Nature of Being. Maybe you can swap an LP for that homemade mustache wax you've been working on. It's a new economy out there.

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