The Jealous Guys and Lunice Link Up for Some Throwback Hip-Hop


While Montreal's Lunice has spent the past four years quietly building his rep with a flurry of futuristic remixes, edits, and original productions, S.F.'s The Jealous Guys have spent the past year quickly making a name for themselves around the city. Now the two are linking up for some golden-era, boom-bap hip-hop on "Bus Stop Jazz."

The first of multiple planned-collaborations, according to Southern Hospitality, "Bus Stop Jazz" has an overcast, Pete Rock-feel to the production, steeped in jazzy horns (duh) and dusty drums. Meanwhile, The Jealous Guys come through with some rugged, average-guy raps. We're talking gold, not platinum. Muni, not Maseratis. Backpacks, not Gucci bags. (Not that there's anything wrong with the aforementioned luxury items.)

Hopefully this is the beginning of a new production trend, because the boom-bap era of hip-hop vanished too quickly in the late '90s, which is a shame, because even to this day it hardly sounds tired.

MP3: Lunice + the Jealous Guys -- "Bus Stop Jazz"

[via Southern Hospitality]

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