Richmond Rapper Y.T Flinstone's 'UpStream' Got Us Swayin'

Y.T Flinstone
"They turn shades like when white people tannin'" is the line that made us chuckle 14 seconds into "UpStream," this new track from Richmond's Y.T Flinstone -- and we're not quite sure what exactly is turning shades, but anyway. What got our attention next is the positively suave beat underlying all this, a smooth wah-wah-sampling slow-jam sway that gets in your hips and stays there.

Elsewhere in rhyme, Flinstone decries the seemingly all-but-sealed fate of minority males, and, in the chorus, declares that the rest of the world is "swimming upstream." We're not sure which direction this guy is swimming, but we like it. This track is off a forthcoming mixtape called "The Rainy Day Fund," which we hope will include more sexy beats and wisecracks about the shifting skin tones of white folk.

[via Thizzler]
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