Write A Colorful Song with This Inexplicably Soothing Elephant Paint Instrument Thing

"We Didn't Start The Fire" by Billy Joel

You're probably not going to do any work today as it is, what with all the visions of sugarplums and such and such. Know what would be a more advantageous use of your time than drafting that missed connection mad lib for the holiday office party, or pretending to get the weather machine online? Writing a song with elephant draw-play, which is the fruit of a collaboration between a local teacher and a second grader. And what a trippy fruit it is.

The gist: move the elephant around the screen by adjusting the speed, angle, and width controls; not only will this produce a cornucopia of colors heretofore glimpsed only by the gods and/or people with access to giant cranes that can dip elephants in Day-Glo paint; it will also change the pitch and tempo of the sounds produced by various movements on the canvas. Needless to say, the music video pretty much creates itself.

It's like you're a DJ with a mouse for a crossfader and a serious case of synesthesia!

Some suggestions:
• Try to spell the word "pachyderm"
• Reproduce the cover of Yellow Submarine
• Figure out how to play "Mary Had A Little Elephant" (to the tune of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star")
• Administer an epileptic seizure to a friend or colleague
• Reproduce the cover of The White Album

Extra points if you can couple it with a fresh beat from DJ Google Translate.

[via Mission Mission]

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