The Party Killers Will End You With a Ke$ha Remix This New Year's

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The Party Killers

Sonny and Cher. Simon & Garfunkel. Dr. Drew and the whole corridor of 6th and Market. Some people are meant to be together, just like DJs Party Ben and MyKill, who have formed a dazzling duo known as the Party Killers. Veterans of the S.F. dance scene known for their distinctive personalities, PartyBen and MyKill have seen their share of horrific parties. As a solution, they decided to combine forces and make music that will get even the most uptight CEO to drop it low. Whether it's offensive mash-ups or the most explicit rap song you can think of, let the Party Killers surprise you with their dancefloor selections this New Year's Eve at Trigger.

How did you kindred souls meet and decide to form a duo?
DJing is really, really hard on your own, which must be why there are so many wildly successful DJ duos. In fact, we've realized it's irresponsible and dangerous to DJ solo. Someone could get hurt. So we each interviewed thousands of potential DJ partners and ended up choosing each other.

So Party Killers, what's the best way to slay a party?
Electrify the crowd with laser beams of excitement and energy, sprinkle them with the glittering twinkles of a thousand mystical unicorns, and then play a Ke$ha remix.

How about slaying a dragon?
Party Killers do not slay dragons; we train them to DJ and give them franchise agreements.

What do you think is the worst name a DJ could have?
You're seriously asking a duo named The Party Killers to judge DJ names? Next question.

Moving on! What's one song you guys might start the New Year's gig with?
Did we mention Ke$ha yet? That dude's a shitty drag queen, but he sure writes compelling lyrics.

What are you going to end the epic night with?
If anyone's sober enough to remember the last song of the night, we haven't done our job.

What's crucial in being a DJ duo? Booze? Love? Fights?
Masks. Some duos have robot masks, others have scary hockey masks, but we stepped it up a notch and spent millions on custom-made form-fitting masks of each other. They're so realistic most people can barely tell. It was sort of like the movie Face-Off except only one of us is gay.

Do you guys think New Year's is overrated? Or does it live up to its hype?
Anything that makes it seem acceptable to spend $750 to go see a couple DJs is alright with us.

What are your guys' New Year's resolutions?
To do our best to create surprising, entertaining, and unpretentious sets that bring forward underappreciated quality music while simultaneously acknowledging the mass spectacle and sheer enjoyment of pop hits, combined with our own compositions, remixes, and mashups, which, we hope, say something unique. Oh, and to meet Ke$ha.

Lastly, what do you guys want to accomplish in 2011?
SF Weekly cover and nude centerfold.

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