OK Go Tag Los Angeles with Enormous GPS Parade

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I think we all stopped caring a while back whether the Chicago-via-L.A. quartet OK Go were putting nearly as much effort into their music as they were into the videos that accompanied it. (I recall resolutely liking their self-titled debut in 2002, then being resolutely bored by their admittedly cleverly titled Oh No three years later. And you?) It's cool, though, because now that Michel Gondry's gone feature-length, nobody is even remotely close in terms of consistent dedication to making music videos non-lame. Need I remind you of the treadmills? The toast? The unrelated but surrealistically excellent inter-drummer staring contest?

Anyway, point is, last month OK Go rounded up the scenesters and led an eight-mile parade across Los Angeles, to the strains of the song "Back From Kathmandu" from their third album, Of the Blue Colour of the Sky. Led the parade willy-nilly? Not likely! Their route, with attendant check-ins along the way, spelled out a pilot-readably enormous "OK GO" when viewed with the GPS software that comes standard with the Range Rover Evoque, a car that is apparently inspired by "the architecture of the greatest cities in the world." (For further discussion: would a car inspired by San Francisco's architecture be drivable?) Check out the video below:

Creative expression, community involvement, and corporate sponsorship! Location-based gaming puppetmasters, take note.

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