Lazer Sword Is Ready To Impale, and the Cuban Cowboys' Punky Latin Grooves

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SF Weekly's latest print music section:

Lazer Sword: "Nov. 2, 2010, was an important day for many fans of electronic music across the globe. The events of this particular Tuesday were unknowingly conceived in 2004, when two beat fiends met while digging for vinyl at Amoeba Music in San Francisco. For these Bay Area transplants, it was a day six years in the making -- years spent crafting and refining a unique permutation of electro-infused, instrumental hip-hop. It was also the day that the bedroom-born beat project of Bryant Rutledge (as Low Limit) and Antaeus Roy (as Lando Kal) was fully realized as an international dance-music phenomenon -- the day Lazer Sword finally released its self-titled debut album."

The Cuban Cowboys: "Jorge Navarro navigates the contradictions of the code of machismo taught by his knife-wielding grandfather. Navarro's songs portray his family's memories of a mythical Cuba born out of the nostalgia of exile and his experiences as a first-generation Cuban American, immersed in American pop culture and drawn to cowboy boots and rock 'n' roll. These two themes establish the narrative poles for the songs on Diablo Mambo, and Navarro skillfully navigates this bi-cultural territory, spinning tales of romance, sex, politics, and family. The music plays an essential role in the effectiveness of the stories, weaving together various tributaries from the two main musical streams -- classic rock, punk rock, doo-wop, post-punk, rockabilly, and son, mambo, calypso, and salsa."

Also, we recommend shows from the Posies and Magda.

Please note that the two Einst├╝rzende Neubauten shows this week were canceled along with the rest of the band's North American tour.

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