Hey, All Shook Down Is Finally on Facebook. Come Say Hi.

That headline pretty much says it all, but in case you missed it, All Shook Down (aka the blog you're reading at this moment!) now has its very own Facebook page.

This is important -- perhaps not Wikileaks, Prop. 8, or who-will-be-the-next-S.F.-mayor important, but still: you fans of local music will find plenty to like (sorry) about us on Facebook.

We'll be using the page to get your feedback on our stuff, give you free tickets, music, and other goodies, and ask you for ideas about what you'd like to read on All Shook Down. (Don't worry, we'll still do all the work.) Think of it as a place where the conversation about local music can happen a little more naturally than in the comments section below.

Speaking of ideas, we're putting together our year-end lists right now. Are there any lists you'd to see us make? Tell us at Facebook.com/SFAllShookDown.

We're also on that other thing, Twitter.

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