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Back in the mid-aughts, hyphy -- a Bay Area rap movement probably best known for its lines about "going dumb," and its proponents' fondness for standing atop slow-moving cars -- was poised to become the Next Big Thing. Bay Area rappers like Mistah Fab, Keak Da Sneak, and E-40 were supposedly rising to national prominence, on their way to rivaling, if not ending, the dominance of the all-powerful NYC-Dirty South axis.

But of course, that never happened. After a few hits, Hyphy fizzled out and folded up.

Nearly every Bay Area rapper these days has a story about how and why hyphy's slow, promising rise ended in utter ruin. Today, Mistah Fab, one of the biggest names in the movement, released his version -- in the form of a song.

The joint is called "Eulogy Blame Me," but Fab means that more as a description than a command. The lyrics recite a summary of charges alleged against the Oakland rapper, and in the process sort of lionize him for standing up to the onslaught. "How you blame the niggas that was gettin' money though?" Fab asks repeatedly.

Unfortunately, this awkward self-defense-as-scene-eulogy doesn't explain Hyphy's fate all that well, and it makes an even worse case for Fab. He barely raps here, instead relying in rough refrains that aren't either clever or catchy. Many of the song's lines go down like a litany of trivial complaints and tone-deaf retorts to his critics, forming a lulling five-minute tour of self-pity. "I know you want to blame something, so blame me," Fab says. We don't think Fab's to blame for hyphy's fall, but this track will only embolden those who do.

[Thizzler via G Slaps]

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