Get a Close-Up of Ty Segall's Frayed, Spare New Songs on Daytrotter

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Daytrotter's Ty Segall portrait.
Having already sung the praises of local grit maven Ty Segall twice this week -- on the lists of both our favorite albums and tracks of 2010 -- I'll spare you any further salivating over his stripped-down rock schtick. 

But if you like the guy, go listen to the Daytrotter session he did, which came out today. As far as I can tell, it's the first time (besides a live show) that you can hear some of his new songs. And boy, do they sound different.

Okay, not totally different. But go play "California," a satire of Golden State snootiness and pretension, and you'll see what I mean. The Segall of these songs sounds remarkably unadorned in the plain glare of Daytrotter; he's far more clear than on his albums. The vocals are high up in the mix, the guitars are squirrelly and kind of chintzy, and the absolute simplicity of each song is totally obvious. And -- whoa! -- you can easily understand what Segall's shouting!

I wrote yesterday that Segall's Melted was basically a grunge album, rather than "garage-punk" or some other hyphenated term; but here, he seems nothing so much as straight-up punk with a bit of longhair flair. Still getting used to it -- what do you think?

What exactly is the difference between "garage-punk" and regular "punk"? Explain it to us on Twitter, tell it to Ian S. Port, or post your definition on our Facebook page -- after you like us, of course.

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