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If you like a little juxtaposition with your year-in-review jawns, we've got just the thing for you: The Brothers of Chico Dusty, an unbidden and inspired pileup of two very well-liked 2010 albums by The Black Keys and Big Boi, respectively. Why? Ah, but why not?

This is brought to you by Nashville mischief-maker Wick-It the Instigator, who's proved himself in the past with things like Blackstreet remixes and Smashing Pumpkins/OutKast mashups -- you know, the usual. His treatment here doesn't transcend the rap-vocals over rock-instro format that pretty much defines this kind of endeavor, but it's well worth a listen, if only for those moments where the contrast brings out a sweet little detail you never noticed in the original. (It also answers the age-old question "Will Gucci Mane ever find crossover success as a sultry blues-rock vocalist?" with a resounding "no.")

So bump it on your last-minute holiday shopping rounds (all the while wondering absently to yourself whether Chico's brothers will also have weirdly spelled names). And maybe hope this is the first in an onslaught of year-end mashups? That maybe a Janelle Monáe/Best Coast Crazy for the ArchAndroid isn't far behind? Or My Beautiful Dark Twisted Suburbs? Anyone care to help make this happen? 

What other two albums would you like to see mashed up this year? Tell us on Twitter @SFAllShookDown, follow Daniel Levin Becker at @dlb, and like us on Facebook.

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