Bouncer: Discussing Law and Attractive Billionaires at the Buena Vista

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I love to pick people's brains, so I asked my date about a million law questions. He told me that sexual harassment isn't such a big issue in law anymore; the big cash cow is gay harassment. And it's not so much that one incident will hurt a company -- it's the companies that know that it is going on and ignore it that get hit with the big lawsuits. But even then, homophobic judges in the Bay Area have been known to throw out these cases no matter what. We have a long way to go.

But much money to make. He seemed slightly embarrassed that he was motivated by money, but I totally get it. When you have been working long enough, you start to enjoy not working, and the only way to reach that zenith is to start really earning. So you can stop working. Makes sense to me. The previous guys I have dated have rarely been to college, let alone held a job. The idea of dating someone with earning power was something new.

I got up and went to the bathroom. When I was washing my hands, I saw a book on the platform above the sink: Having the Billionaire's Baby. Now that is one shortcut to wealth. It was a Harlequin romance. I guess millionaires are old-school, like Thurston Howell. It is the billionaire that women fantasize about now. I thumbed through it and it was ridiculous, poorly written, and entirely absorbing.

"I wonder how it ends?" I asked my date.

"It has to have a happy ending," he said. I skipped to the last page and read this: "He was her husband now. The father of her child and the man she wanted to wake up next to for the rest of her days. How incredible and divine." I couldn't help but worry for the woman; any man with that much dough would have to acquire a mistress at some point. But that stuff never happens in Harlequin romances. The men are hard to catch -- hence the plotline -- but once you get them, they are monogamous.

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