Balls Cost Money: Donate To Local Comedians Killing My Lobster

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This just in: a (kind of) impassioned plea from a burrito, a snowwoman, a BLT, and more to reach out this holiday season by donating money to support local sketch comedy troupe Killing My Lobster, which is hurtling hilariously toward its fourteenth season as a relief organization: "relief in the form of laughter. Relief in the form of jobs for local artists and classes for writers and comedians looking to hone their craft." Also relief in the form of telling like it is about the foibles of our fair city, including coffee snobbery and the siren call of the East Bay and how every would-be parking spot is a goddamn driveway.

Even if you don't donate, enjoy the above video, which ought to give you some handy ideas about low-budget costuming. We bet Grandpa will totally freak if you go home for Christmas dressed as a burrito.

Might be freakier to go dressed as turkey or a ham, though. Submit your Christmas costume ideas on Twitter @SFAllShookDown, or hit us up on Facebook.

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