Top 10 Signs the Album You Are About to Hear Is Going to Suck

Uh, did the cover say "Nickelback" on it?
All cliches aside about not judging art/entertainment objects by their covers, sometimes you can predict with perfect confidence that some new record is going to drag you down into a pool of shit. Other times, one or two aspects of some new release -- what the cover art looks like, the scores it's been given by critics, even where the record's playing in public -- will set off alarm bells. Sometimes you proceed and are rewarded for your bravery. Other times, you proceed, waste irrecoverable moments of your life, and cause serious damage your ears/soul/self-esteem/reputation. In a solemn effort to save you from such miseries, dear reader, here are the top 10 signs the album you are about to hear is going to suck.

10. The artist was hailed by NME as "rock's best new hope," or something like that.

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9. The band has some mind-numbing one-word name like PlaceboConverge, or Nickelback.

8. Rolling Stone gave it five stars.

7. The cover art is just a picture of the artist wearing a dress, a cowboy hat, or both.

6. The accompanying press release or advertisement or hype asks, "isn't it time for a band that just takes rock 'n' roll back to its roots?"


5. It's playing over the speakers in your hometown mall.
Screen shot 2010-11-18 at 7.39.23 AM.jpg

4. Rolling Stone gave it two stars (the mag never gives anything one star, so getting two means it's really bad.)


3. The artist was recently born again.

2. You've never heard of the artist, and the debut album is coming out on a major label.
5ive-five-boy-band (1).jpg

1. Ke$ha made it.


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