The Soft Moon Hovers Above Hallucinogenic San Francisco


Introducing San Francisco's The Soft Moon, the haunted house of a solo project from Mojave desert native Luis Vasquez, which released its self-titled debut last week on Brooklyn spook-factory Captured Tracks. Like that label's flagship act, Blank Dogs (although check out this link too), The Soft Moon capitalizes on the steely persistence of outmoded electronics and the occasional disembodied yowl to create elegantly moody hypnoses, love anthems for robots who once caught a glimpse of the October sky.

Look out for an inaugural show from The Soft Moon in the weeks to come. Below, Vasquez discusses the personal inspirations and tribulations behind this darkly enticing first offering.

What's the story behind this record?
I initially started writing songs to create feelings of nostalgia on a personal level. In fact, "When It's Over" is a finalized version of a song I wrote back in 1999 when I was still living in the Mojave desert. After re-creating that song it felt necessary to continue to explore those feelings I buried years ago.

What was the process of making it like?
Kind of scary, actually. There was almost a sense of dread every time I approached a new song. It was as if this album was a way for me to face my demons. But there was always a sense of relief when I completed a song, as if I was defeating the song itself. I flipped off one of my songs once when it was done.

What inspires your songs?
Mistakes; hope, fear, curiosity, anxiety; enemies, childhood, paranoia; death, the desert; '80s sci-fi, horror, and slasher films.

Is there anything particularly San Franciscan about what went into this album?
San Francisco is a hallucinogenic place in terms of architecture, colors, landscape, music, and people. I think I may have subconsciously translated all those things sonically into The Soft Moon.   

How did you hook up with Captured Tracks?
I randomly received a message from Mike Sniper of Blank Dogs asking me if I wanted to do a release on Captured Tracks. I think I had only a couple poorly mixed songs on Myspace at the time and was literally planning on killing my Myspace page that same week. I guess the timing was right.

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